Apart from producing great cheese and boasting stunning scenery, Savoie is a region that also produces some of France’s most intriguing wines.

    Domaine Des Ardoisières



    Domaine des Côtes Rousses



    Les Vignes de Paradis



  • Domaine Des Ardoisières


    Brice Omont oversees this most peculiar of estates. Founded by the legendary Michel Grisard, the idea was to revive the Coteau de Cevins, a steep vineyard that was once seen as one of Savoie’s finest, but had been largely abandoned due to the difficulty of cultivating it


    Since then, Omont and his team have been creating miracles in pro- ducing wines of crystalline purity and great character that are bench- marks for the region


    🌙 Biodynamic

    7 ha


    Améthyste Rouge - Mondeuse, Persan

    Quartz Blanc - Altesse

    Schiste Blanc - Jacquère, Roussanne, Malvoisie, Mondeuse Blanche

    Argile Blanc - Chardonnay, Jacquère, Mondeuse Blanche

    Argile Rouge - Persan, Mondeuse, Gamay

  • Domaine des Côtes Rousses

    Saint Jean de la Porte

    A tiny estate that comprises no more than 4ha of vineyards, Domaine des Cotes Rousses is rightfully seen as THE name to watch by many of Savoie’s top sommeliers and winemakers


    Nicolas Ferrand founded the estate after having studied at the prestigious Sciences Po and wanting to work in an altogether different field. The result are wines that are very juicy, fruit-driven and yet have plenty of character and complexity



    5.5 ha


    Coteau de la Mort

    Ensemble Blanc

    La Pente Blanc

    Mon Blanc

    Monthoux Roche Chapelan

    Piste Rouge

  • Les Vignes de Paradis


    Dominique Lucas’ family has been making wine for 5 generations in the heart of Côte de Beaune. Yet when he decided to start making wine himself, he decided to leave

    Burgundy and moved to Savoie. In 2008, he started his winery with a focus on Chasse- las and working biodynamically. His exacting vineyard work sees him adopt practices often only seen at prestigious domaines in Burgundy such as Leroy or Bizot


    Taking a very holistic approach, the various shapes of concrete vessels to age the wines are made from local spring water and gravel/sand from Chamonix. In the vine- yards, he is one of the pioneers of playing classical music to the vines


    The resulting wines are pure, brilliant and of great elegance. At the same time, they are concentrated, generous and offer a very singular expression of the terroir


    🌙 Biodynamic

    7.5 ha


    Chasselas Marin
    IGP Chardonnay
    Pinot Gris Amphore Macération
    Son Altesse
    Un Matin face au Lac
    Un P'tit coin de Paradis

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