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    From the vine to your glass, we are present at each stage of the process. We select, import, advise, educate and offer tailor-made services for wine lovers in Mainland China.

    Muyi Fine Wine is a Mainland China based importer, focusing predominantly on Burgundy. Our goal is to be the bridge between winemakers who strive to produce authentic, characterful wines and wine lovers who share their passion.
    Apart from importing some of the world’s top wines, we regularly host tasting events and dinners, featuring themes that range from an exploration of Domaine d’Auvenay magnificent wines, or a dinner showcasing the finest examples of Bonnes Mares to vertical tastings of Anne and Edmond Vatan’s Clos la Néore. Additionally, we organise an annual Burgundy weekend in Beijing that aims to bring together winemakers from Burgundy (and elsewhere) and share great food and wines during a Paulée-style meal and a number of tastings during the weekend of the event.
    Additionally, we plan and hold bespoke tastings for clients that range from intimate dinners for 10 guests to larger receptions and tastings.

  • OUR Team

    Bringing across what the wines we work with are all about is a vital part of our work. Therefore, we are extremely fortunate to have a team of diverse backgrounds that is united by its love and passion for great wines.


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    Do you want to join our team?

    We are always looking for dynamic, passionate talent to join our team. If you have a passion for wine and would like to work with us, we would love to hear from you, write to us at:

    shanghai(at)muyiwine.cn or beijing(at)muyiwine.cn



    Muyi Fine Wine is proud to work with a number of excellent restaurants and hotels across China.