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    Having long remained somewhat obscure, the Jura is fast becoming a cult region. With its absolutely unique Vin Jaune, minerally Chardonnays and Savagnins and fresh, juicy reds, it's got everything one could look for in a great wine region.

  • Le Caveau de Bacchus


    Jean-François Ganevat


    François Rousset-Martin


    Domaine de Saint Pierre


  • Le Caveau de Bacchus (Lucien Aviet & Fils)


    Lucien Aviet, also called “Bacchus” by Jura wine lovers, started Le Caveau de Bacchus in 1960. Since 1993 his son, Vincent, is also working at the domaine.
    Based in Montigny close to Arbois the domaine counts 6 hectars of vine. The plots of Trousseau, Melon a Queue Rouge (an old strain of Chardonnay) and Savagnin are located in some of the best terroirs of the region.
    Both the viticulture and the wine making are done very traditionally. The production is entirely hand-harvested and all de-stemmed. The grapes are naturally fermented with indigenous yeast in well-maintained old Alsace Foudres.


    The different cuvées are named after the profession of people that helped Lucien at the very start of the Domaine and the style here really emphasises the various plots the wines are made from. In any given vintage, there might be up to 6 different single-vineyard Trousseau bottlings, which all have a distinct character! Apart from the Trousseau and a very rare Poulsard (only sold in France), the domaine also produces minerally Chardonnay and oxidative Savagnin and of course Vin Jaune if the vintage conditions allow for it. This is one of the absolute top producers in the region and with Vincent's passion and interest there is no reason why this should change in the future!



    6 ha


    Melon à Queue Rouge Cuvée des Docteurs

    Trousseau Cuvée des Géologues Nonceau

    Trousseau Cuvée des Géologues Marne Rouge

    Trousseau Cuvée des Géologues Rosier

    Trousseau Cuvée des Géologues Les Bruyères

    Vin Jaune Cuvée de la Confrérie

  • Jean-François Ganevat


    Jean-François Ganevat is unlike any other Jura vigneron. Whilst he was not the first person to work naturally in the region, he is certainly one of the most vocal ambassadors for organically/biodynamically-farmed wines made without the addition of sulphur. In his point of view, such working practices give the wines a sense of life and freshness that is unobtainable otherwise.


    No matter whether it’s the dangerously drinkable range of reds from his negoce operation or the majestic whites made from the domaine’s old vineyards, Ganevat is a vigneron who truly redefines what wine from the Jura can be.



    7 ha


    Côtes du Jura Les Gryphées Vieilles Vignes

    Côtes du Jura Cuvée de L’enfant Terrible

    Côtes du Jura La Cuvée du Pépe

    Côtes du Jura Chamois du Paradis

    Côtes du Jura Vin Jaune

    Côtes du Jura Les Vignes de Mon Pères

    Côtes du Jura Plein Sud

    Vin de France Rouge Le Jaja du Ben

    Vin de France Rouge Le P’tiot Roukin

    Vin de France Pet nat J’ai Soif

    Vin de Table Le ca vient d’ou

  • François Rousset-Martin


    François Rousset-Martin officially took over the family vineyards to start his own estate in 2007. Before that most of the vineyards’ grapes were sold to the local cooperative, and only a small amount was kept to produce wine for the Rousset-Martin’s personal consumption.


    The family vineyards are located around Château-Chalon, which is the best-known and most prestigious appellation for Vin Jaune in Jura (and arguably features some of the finest terroirs in the region). Trained in Burgundy, François goes beyond the traditions of Jura and choses to illustrate the various expressions of these famous terroirs by vinifying each vineyard separately. Also, for wines to be awarded the Château-Chalon AOC, they must be Savagnin raised sous-voile in demi-muid but François focuses mainly on making wines in a non-oxidative style (Vins ouillés). The aim though is not to make Burgundy look-alikes. So, in some cases the wines are allowed to grow a veil of yeasts for a few months, and then they are topped up and raised in the ouillé way until bottling. A bit of Château-Chalonis also produced, and remains a passion of Francois’.


    The wines of François Rousset-Martin are complex and persistent, falling somewhere along the spectrum of floral and delicate, exotic and savory.



    9 ha


    Château-Chalon Vignes aux dames

    Cuvée Mémée Marie

    Gravières chardonnay

    La Chaux Chardonnay

    PP André

    La veine bleue de Bacchus Clos Bacchus Savagnin

  • Domaine de Saint Pierre


    •Fabrice Dodane studied winemaking in Beaune. He went on to work in Pupillin before landing a job with Domaine de Saint Pierre as winemaker in 1989. In 2011, he purchased the winery, which nowadays covers 7.5 hectares in Arbois and Côtes du Jura

    •He has honed his winemaking style considerably eschewing the use of sulfur and now produces wines that are incredibly juicy, elegant and draw you to take a next sip.

    •His wines have rapidly become darlings of the natural wine scene in Paris, New York, and Japan due to his unique balance between easy drinkability and clear transparency of terroir in Arbois



    6 ha


    Arbois Autrement Blanc
    Arbois Les Corvees Rouge
    Arbois Les Gaudrettes Rouge
    Arbois Petit Curoulet Rouge
    Arbois Trousseau Rouge

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