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    Few wine-producing countries in the world have such a strong following as Italy. With its incredibly rich heritage of indigenous varietals, and diverse styles of wines, this is one of our favourite places in the world when it comes to traditional, long-lived wines.

    Emidio Pepe


    Elio Sandri - Cascina Disa


    Giacomo Conterno


  • Emidio Pepe

    Torano Nuovo

    Emidio Pepe is one of Abruzzo’s reference-point producers. Before anyone else, Emidio strongly believed in the ageing potential of Trebbiano and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Since founding the winery in 1964, he dedicated all his energies to those two indigenous grape varietals, proving their incredible potential and showing it to the world. Whilst Emidio still keeps an eye on everyday business, the winery is now run by the second and third generation of the Pepe family with sisters Daniela and Sofia having taken charge in 1997. More recently, the dynamic Chiara de Iulis Pepe has joined the estate!


    Situated in the northernmost part of Abruzzo. the estate cultivates a little over 14 hectares of vines of Montepulciano, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo and a little Pecorino. Since the very beginning, organic and artisanal methods have been carefully followed in both the vineyard and cellar.


    Picking is exclusively done by hand to insure that only perfect grapes are selected. Montepulciano d'Abruzzo is de-stemmed manually and the whites grapes are crushed by foot in a wooden vat. Only the juice goes to ferment in small concrete tanks, where spontaneous fermentation will start and last around 30-35 days. From concrete, the unfiltered wine will go straight into bottle to start their long bottle ageing. Before the release of any bottle of more than 10 years of age, will be re-opened and decanted by hand to sediment and to check the quality. When rebottled, the year of the decantation will be indicted on the new cork.


    The resulting white wines are golden hued, balanced and complex, with hints of nuts, hay, and yellow fruit. The Montepulciano bears little relation to most other wines of this appellation; they are big, bold, and filled with the intense flavors of dried black cherries, licorice and wild herbs. These are some of the most age worthy and unique wines in Italy!


    🍀 Biodynamic

    14.5 Ha


    Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

    Trebbiano d'Abruzzo


  • Elio Sandri - Cascina Disa


    Few vignerons are as down to earth and as brilliant as Elio Sandri. Meeting him has been a seminal moment for us, not unlike meeting Emmanuel Reynaud of Chateau Rayas. Sandri and Reynaud are both people who shun the limelight, and want to be kept away from the world of money and fame so that they can focus entirely on the task at hand: producing the greatest wines possible. Elio Sandri therefore might well be the greatest Italian winemaker you have never heard of.


    Located in Monforte d’Alba, Cascina Disa was set up in 1965, by Sandri’s father. Since 2000 Elio has been running the winery and started making wines that have their very own identity: They are extremely perfumed, elegant and yet have plenty of richness and joie de vivre just like Elio himself. He is someone who likes to play with different ageing vessels. In a hot vintage like 2015, he will partially use concrete vats to age the Baroli so as to give them more structure and freshness. In cooler vintages, he might place them longer in wooden botti. Thus, he is unique in Barolo, and somewhat reminds us of Henri Bonneau, who was an absolute master of long-term elevage. Sandri, however, pushes things even further still. He aged a part of his finest Barolo Riserva from the brilliant 2013 vintage entirely in concrete for close to seven years. The resulting wine is an unforgettable combination of purity and precision that we have hardly ever seen in any young Barolo.


    This is just an example of the perfectionist approach that dictates everything Sandri does. Production here is tiny, as the estate produces no more than 10,000 bottles of wine a year, and we are extremely grateful to be able to be allocated a part of these for China.


    🍀 Biodynamic

    8 Ha


    Barolo Perno Vigna Disa Riserva

    Barolo Perno Riserva

    Barolo Perno

    Langhe Nebbiolo

    Rosso Cemento

    Dolcetto d’Alba

    Barbera d’Alba Superiore

  • Giacomo Conterno


    The Conterno family has long been one of Barolo’s most revered producers. Apart from their holdings in storied vineyards such as Francia, Arione and Ceretta, they have also acquired Nervi in Gattinara and we are most excited to be working with Roberto Conterno and his team as these wines are to have a bright future and this year marks the very first vintage produced by the Conterno team there.


    Nervi Gattinara 
    Nervi Gattinara Vigna Molsino 
    Nervi Gattinara Vigna Valferana  
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