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SHANGHAI- Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Fifty 8° Grill

In May 2017, Muyi Fine Wines organised a dinner featuring the wines of one of Burgundy’s greatest producers: Domaine Sylvain Cathiard.

Paired with a tailor-made menu from chef Richard Ekkebus and his team, a series of 8 wines from the estate was enjoyed at the 58 Grill at the Mandarin Oriental in Shanghai.

The aim of this dinner was to compare the winemaking styles of both Sylvain Cathiard and his son Sebastien, who took over running the estate in 2011. We therefore chose to show a mature vintage from Sylvain’s era and compared each one of them with a 2012 made by Sebastien. Across four of the top appellations made at the winery, it was impressive to see how the winemaking has evoled since 2011; this impression will only make itself more apparent over the following vintages, with the 2015s produced here certainly at the very top of the pyramid in Burgundy.

This was a fascinating dinner, and we are honoured and proud to be able to represent Sebastien’s wines in China.

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