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BEIJING- Peninsula Hotel

In March 2017, Muyi Fine Wines invited a number of producers to join us at the Peninsula Hotel in Beijing for the second annual Burgundy weekend. After the highly successful event held at the Georg in 2016, this year saw Anne Gros, Benjamin Leroux, Gilbert Felettig, Remi Poisot and Olivier Collin come together in Beijing for a weekend of events.

The centre-piece of the weekend was the Paulée-style dinner held at the Peninsula’s Jing restaurant. Over 100 wine lovers from all over China came together and shared some of their favourite bottles with one another and the producers.

On the following day, two masterclasses respectively introduced Olivier Collin’s vineyard-specific winemaking in Champagne and the highly anticipated 2015 vintage in Burgundy.

This was a weekend to remember, with unforgettable moments had by all who came.

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